Charter-Boats available!

The German J/22 Class Association is now able offering several best budged charter-packages working closely  together with private J/22 owners. The Package includes charter, transportation cost, craning, third party liability insurance, fully comprehensive insurance with 500,- Euro retention.

All boats have a measurement certification. 

Boats will be provided with docking equipment (fenders and dock-lines), lifting straps, and all class required gear. No modifications to the boats are permitted!
Boats will be provided in clean condition. However, some boats have marine paint at underwater hull area; in this  case wet-sanding using 600 to 1000 abrasive grit will be allowed (painted area only). Hull polishing in general will be at competitors responsibility; we might being able offering this as an additional service from a local shipyard; please contact us if you are interested.
Boats will be available “on trailer” for the PreWorlds on Friday July 6th, 2019  / 9:00 am (local time) at Warnemünde Harbour (where measurement is located); competitors will be responsible for completing the registration, measurement/-sail measurement, hoisting and rigging the boat.
At the close of the regatta Saturday July 13th, 2019 competitors will be asked to redeliver the boats to a designated area, unrig the boat (details to be confirmed), remove all tape, sponsor decals and markings, and clean the interior and exterior, before presenting the boat for check-out.

Charter-Boats will be allocated by the German J/22 Class Association; priority will be given to international  competitors particularly those travelling from outside Europe.  Additionally, the German J/22 Class Association will coordinate transportation and insurance and will do their utmost providing best valued charter boats. However, the German J/22 Class Association will not be responsible for the condition and/or availability of the charter boats. The charter-contract will be directly concluded between the charter company/owner and the competitors.

All charter boats are offered without sails, compass and live vest’s.

Charter-Boats are very limited within Germany; if you would like to be part of this one of a kind sailing event secure your Charter-Boat now! The German J/22 CA is in discussion with private owners if they are able providing additional Charter-Boats. However, this is with limited success because most of them will race their own boats …So choose your favorite J(s) on the last page and send it back to Your reservation is guaranteed for 4 weeks, so you have time enough to make all your bookings. Confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional support (accomodation, travel, etc). 

If you are interested in chartering a boat please write to


Will be transported to Warnemünde

Owner: Wolf-Werner Januscheck

Hull/Sail#: 1001
Description of the boat‘s general condition and any issues/deficiencies to be aware of:
top condition, with marine paint at underwater hull area
Location of the boat:
Duisburg, NRW (Will be transported to Warnemünde)
General charter terms:
 2.000 Euro (incl. transport to Warnemünde and insurance)

GER 1328

Antifouling hull

Will be transported to Warnemünde

Hull/Sail #: GER 1454

Year Built:

Description of the boat‘s general condition and any issues/deficiencies to be aware of:
with marine paint at underwater hull area

Location of the boat: Haltern am See (NRW)

General charter terms:  In-kind trade such as keeping set of new sails after the event. 
Contact for further information.

Owner: Fischer

Hull/Sail #: IT-JBI.01469.A2.02

Year Built: 2002

Description of the boat‘s general condition and any issues/defi ciencies to be aware of:
top condition, Harken Windward Sheeting System new in 2017, with marine paint at underwater hull area

Location of the boat: Haltern am See (NRW)

General charter terms: 2.250 Euro (incl. transport to Warnemünde and insurance)

For reservation or additional informations send me an email 

Charter a brand new Italy J/22!


Hull/Sail#: -

Year Built: 2019

Description of the boat‘s general condition 
and any issues/deficiencies to be aware of: -

Location of the boat: JBoats Italy (Will be shipped to Warnemünde)

General charter terms: contact class for further information (

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